“Carl is an amazing Hair and Make-up  Artist, his rapport with the models always sets me up for a great  shoot, he gives them confidence and entertains them thoroughly. His attention to detail is second to none and his creativity knows no boundaries. He communicates with clients in great depth, inspiring them to go with looks they may have resisted and they are always ecstatic with the results. Carl is always my first choice, as I simply don’t have to worry when he is on a shoot.” Phillip James, photographer

“Carl somehow seamlessly manages to combine years of make-up skill with his very unique and playful sense of humour. He has brought many a finely polished face to set as well as many a beaming smile.” Gok Wan

“Many years ago, when I was assistant to Terence Donovan, he recalled how Bailey and he were sat having breakfast in Paris, having both been shooting couture through the night for glossies (couture is always shot at night as in the day, the garments are on the catwalk). They decided to draw up a list of things that could go wrong during a shoot; the end result was a list of 300 things! All parts, like a finely lubricated engine, are necessarily to produce the result with which photographers, with so much vigour, try to create lasting great images. Make-up and hair are like the oil in the process, although even describing it as such falls well short of the creative importance it brings to the work – that essential creative “touch” and “feeling” that the “artist” needs to elicit in the living subject. Carl has been a master of this for many years. Whether a model or a celebrity or a historic figure, all of which we have covered over the years, a misjudged tone, a hair wrongly adjusted, can and does make or break the image. A subject well-known – for example Margaret Thatcher – with the wrong shade or colour would completely distract the viewer from the focus looked for. In addition to which; like the warming up comedians used to get an audience in the mood for the show, they are first with the subject, and so when the subject arrives on set,  their mood and disposition will be, in no little part, due to the relationship the Make-up artist has established during their time with them. When working with Carl, I am always assured in the knowledge that whenever the subject arrives from his capable hands, they will be of a positive disposition. For this, and for all the wonderful images that Carl has been responsible for when working with me, I thank him!” Fergus Greer, photographer

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