Last year I did the make-up of one of Jimmy Savile’s victims for ‘Best Magazine Women of Courage Awards’. On top of a medical condition which meant she has been in a wheelchair her entire life, she’d had to endure four decades of being called a fantasist until, finally, the story of that man’s horrendous crimes were brought to light. Obviously she has been damaged in ways that you or I cannot even begin to comprehend, but on that day, just the fact that she was being pampered and treated as a woman who wasn’t being defined by her history for once, it seemed to make her come alive. When she finally saw her reflection she cried, which almost reduced me to tears except that I wanted to keep it together for her sake. The most rewarding part of being a make-up artist is occasions like this, NOT all the bullshit that accompanies fashion shoots and catwalk shows, or waiting hours for Naomi Campbell and playing handmaiden to her, or breathing the same air as Jean Paul Gaultier. That lady is a brave and courageous lady. I hope that today’s publication of the findings into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse enquiry hasn’t caused her too much pain, and that maybe it has even brought her some sort of peace. She deserves to smile every day like she did that day last year. I shall never forget her.